So today marks day one of New Zealand Fashion Week, yay! 
I feel like I've been in limbo land because of the weather in NZ (it sucks) 
For months I've kind of leant towards the I-just-want-to-be-comfortable..and-warm approach to dressing myself. This stops now! OKAY! 
There's this gorgeous building next to my fashion school that I've been eyeing up for ages, I finally made the special trip in to photograph it. I always feel a bit awkward when there's people around and I'm .. taking photos of myself and because this was the city there were so many people haha!
Anyway, I'm in love with the building. I'm in love with black and white.
I am wearing:
Polka dot dress - Thrifted. I'm pretty sure it was someone's home project. They did so good!
The black dots on the top are velvet as is the skirt.
  I don't know why they threw it out but I felt lucky to have found it for only $5!
Mesh top - Glassons
Shoes - Glassons
Mini satchel - Glassons

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