The Golden Days


Autumn has spread itself across my back yard. As I walk I step on crunchy leaves and the sun is shining but there's a definite nip in the air, it's all got me so inspired! The golden tones are what make Autumn so mesmerizing and I want to play up to it with my outfits. 
 Though I'd like to chuck in some pastel too.
Below is my little inspiration for the season;Valentino, Jane Birken, the 60's, leather boots, printed midi skirts, floppy hats, woolly socks, opaque tights, pastel on pastel. 

♥ ♥ ♥


Hello Autumn

Well I must have blinked while summer was here because I cannot believe it's now officially Autumn in New Zealand. Not that I mind too much, actually I welcome Autumn with excitement because it is my favourite season (next to Spring of course) 
I've already been rummaging through the thrift stores in search for snugly jumpers and coats.
This autumn I'd really like to get back into wearing midi skirts with boots, and turtle necks. I didn't wear midi skirts last year, I miss them!
Anyway, below are some appropriately themed outfit photos, with my natural hair for once. :)

I'm really aiming to post more on here! I'm super busy with my studies but I'll do my best!
Thank you readers ♥  

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