What is happening??

I do realise I haven't been putting anything up here lately so I thought I would post a little update.
 1.  My computer broke :( with all of my photos and photoshop, its in resuscitation, hopefully ill get it back!
2. I got a job! I now work at a retail clothing store. Eeee! Not so good for my wallet though, being surrounded by clothes, they all talk to me..
3. I finally got my drivers license and a car! It took me so long, I was afraid of driving but now I'm feeling super! I'm an independent woman now ;)
5. I start study in one week in fashion technology! I will learn to make clothing to an industrial level,  turning my ideas into 3D garments by making my own patterns. Work and study will be my life, especially because this course is full time with no breaks. I will try to post whatever I can when my computer is back.

Thank you to my little group of followers for your support and lovely comments! You all make me smile xoxo


Jho R said...

Pretty dress. I want my license so bad >.< It's taking forever. Congrats :)


Jenna Condon said...

Congrats, I want my luscense really bad, but of course theres never enough time to go out and work on it haha :) I love your dress, super adorable. I followed via bloglovin, and GFC because it looks like its not going to be deleted?! Anyways I adore your blog! <3333

Natalie Jane said...

Aww thank you! Aww don't worry all in good time! hehe :)

Natalie Jane said...

Hay Jenna! Thanks so much. It does take a lot of practice aye!Especially if you're a scardey cat like me :P
What is GFC??
Thank you for your comment <3 <3

Milex said...

I feel like I understand your point of view

Ollyvia Laura Arnold said...