In the city

I spent today roaming around the city of Auckland. I encountered a surprise hug from a sheep-man in undies,   window shopped at some of my favourite clothing stores to window shop (RUBY, Kate Sylvester, Tigerlily, Taylor..) one of which had live models in the window haha, never seen that before. And enjoyed viewing a catwalk in the street displaying the latest autumn wear from some of New Zealand's top labels.


Dominique Bela said...

I randomly stumbled across your blog through lookbook but recognized you from trade me. I love your photography. Very randomly, I'm the model in this post in the yellow scarf/bandana haha. I also occasionally sell vintage on trade me but have an online store. Just buzzy out at the small world. I'm launching my blog in the next few days blog.radasbro.com if you want to check it out (still in the testing process).
Anyway, awesome to stumble across your blog. Keep up the fab work!
Dom :)

Natalie Jane said...

Hello there, ahh that's so cool! You're stunning! and you guys all did so well on the catwalk. It is such a small world haha.
Thanks so much for your lovely comment though! I will def check out your blog. I'll have to look at your store too :) x