A Day For Daisies

Eee daisies are just so cute! This is my little area of grass on our property that we've intentionally left un-mowed so the daisies could go wild.
Daisy print dress - Thrifted 
Red bowler hat - Sportsgirl


Tanya Reynolds said...

your outfit is so cute! love your photos :) <3

much love!

Tanya @ what-tanya-did.blogspot.co.uk

Alexandra Marie said...

Oh my goodness, you have a most incredible blog! I found you through pinterest and I cannot believe you only have 20 followers! Would you be interested in being featured on my blog? I have an open spot for the month of June. Email me if you are interested :-) Alex simplicityphoto96@gmail.com


Samantha Clemons said...

I Absolutely Love These pictures. The color contrast between the the red and all the green and white is just outstanding. And I adore that hat! So cute!